Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Merry, Merry Christmas everybody! 

Well last weekend was surely the weekend of all weekends! Congrats to Shaye and Court!! The most beautiful brides ever! And welcome home to sweet Ash, Panda and Heath. 3 amazing sisters who have totally returned with honor!! Shoutout to allll of my amazing friends and their examples. 

But to be honest....I think I had the best weekend of everyone because Brother J was baptized :) Yay!! It was a beautiful baptism. And yesterday Sister Uba, Sister Candy and I were able to speak about Christmas and missionary work in church! My 2 favorite things. I read a little bit from Luke 2 and shared how my Grandpa would always read this to our family on Christmas Eve. I encouraged the ward to "Fear not!" (v 10) because we have the good tidings of great joy again on the earth!! Fear not to do missionary work! Fear not if you are faced with trials and hardships! Jesus Christ lives and He has overcome the world! I love the beautiful message of the birth, ministry and Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to have another Christmas here in the beautiful land of the Philippines. Remember the reason for the season! Be thankful for all the gifts our Savior has given us, turn out and share your love and testimony with others! 

I have been reflecting on this past year a little bit and I am just so full of gratitude. Last Christmas I was crying like a baby because I missed my family so much and I was just starting to feel the true enabling power of the Atonement in my mission life. I also didn't really understand the Christmas Devotional in Tagalog, ha ha. But this year I understood it all! But more importantly, I can now testify that I know my Savior. I know with my whole heart and soul that He lives and His redeeming and enabling power are real. I LOVE being a missionary and sharing the light of Jesus Christ with others. All is well, all is well. Have a merry, merry Christmas!! Talk to you soon fam :) Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Giles 
Sweet Sister Candy bought us a cake in honor of my mom's birthday!

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