Monday, December 12, 2016

Love all your fellowmen. Saint or Sinner!!

Happy Birthday shoutout to my dear mother on Wednesday!!! Everybody spoil her and bring her chocolate and give her hugs for me. Everybody knows Dawn Giles is the best so I don't even need to brag about her. 

All is well here in Lipa! Sister C is the best recent convert ever. She is already giving us referrals and brought her friend to church! He is this sweet Tatay she always buys coconut juice from. Also we have some good news...Brother J is getting baptized on Saturday!!! :) :D :-)) He has been having some doubts but he attended Sister C's baptism last week, felt the Spirit so strong and then told us his next lesson he wants to be baptized ASAP. I feel so blessed to have been here to be a part of J's conversion process. He has overcome so many doubts and a cigarette addiction and he is just such a powerhouse now. He will be a great future stake president, mark my words. I love these people so much!! 

My dad asked about our golden family and they are still doing great. Came to church again yesterday and loved it :) Keep Sister A in your prayers also, she is ready for baptism but feeling a little hesitant. 

Yesterday our Relief Society lesson was on charity and the sisters were kind of complaining about how sometimes neighbors are hard to love. This little 4 foot something Nanay in her 80's with orange hair in our ward just walked to the chalkboard during the lesson and wrote, "We cannot say we love God if we do not love all our fellowmen. Saint or sinner." Everybody got quiet and she said "love all men" and sat down hahahah it was awesome. She also gave a Book of Mormon to all her neighbors. She is our best member missionary and she is in her 80's and doesn't hear anything unless you are yelling in her ear. What's your excuse for not sharing the gospel? 

Mahal ko kayooooo!!

Sister Giles
The District

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