Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Another week, come and gone. Always too fast and always full of miracles!! I love mission life. We had a busy week with 2 exchanges, interviews with President Mangum, and workshop training with the Lipa Zone sisters. My companion is still the best missionary ever and Lipa is still a land full of miracles!! Really though, I am so happy. 
Pioneers in Lipa!! This couple were literally first members here in 1974. The Brother was the Patriarch for years. I love this ward!

Treats from the corner store with Sister Moore
We found some superrrrr great new investigators this week. On Thursday during personal study I had a really strong impression to go visit the L family, a family we found through tracting a couple weeks back. I was kind of confused because every time we try to teach them they are always gone, but we decided to follow the Spirit. So later that day we went and... nobody was home haha. But there was a sister on the balcony of the upstairs apartment complex who saw us and was so excited to talk to an American. She started asking us tons of questions and wanted to take a picture. My comp and I call that my "foreigner power" hahaha! Anyway she ended up telling us to convert her, invited us into her home and asked like 10 questions of the soul. It was amazing!! Sister Uba and I were like um what, is this really happening. She also has a family member in Manila who is a member and wants us to come back and teach her husband and daughters too. :)

We also found another family of 9 kids that is sooo receptive to the gospel!! I felt like I was walking on clouds when we walked up to teach them. Literally 9 kids ages 8 and above and the husband and wife have the most loving relationship. They come from very hard circumstances and have close to nothing materially but they all had the biggest smiles and are so excited to come to church next week. I don't think I stopped smiling all day after we taught them. God is performing so many miracles here and I love being His instrument. I feel blessed everyday to be surrounded by these Filipinos. 
Friendly Filipinos!

This couple lives in Pakil, my first area, and it was really fun to see them when they came to visit family in an area where I was doing an exchange. We were very close when I lived in Pakil.
I have never been more tired but also never been more happy! I thought BYU swim team was the hardest thing I have ever done but a mission in the Philippines takes the cake! There is nowhere else I'd rather be. I know our Savior lives. I feel the strengthening and cleansing power of the Atonement every single day as I strive to improve my weaknesses and be the most diligent missionary I can be. Have a great week and remember how much God loves you!

Sister Giles 
Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in Lipa!

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