Monday, October 17, 2016

Miracles in the Midst of a Typhoon!

Helloooo everybody! 

What a great, miraculous week in the land of the Philippines. This country still amazes me every week, I just love it here so much. I am a Filipina now for sure. I am a rice eater, flood walker, clothes hand washer and Tagalog speaker!
Sister Beason cleaning our fish for lunch

Tilapia, my favorite!
"Typhoon Karen" hit Lipa the past couple days but everybody is safe and we were still able to work, no problems. The typhoon was really hard at night but we were able to work fine during the days. After district p-day today we had to walk through hugeee floods and crazy rain and we were all soaked. I wish I got a pic but it was all just too wet. Making fun memories! But please keep these people in your prayers because we have a super typhoon coming this week and a lot of these houses will have a hard time taking the wind and rain. I know a lot of the families who are so close to my heart are cold and without a lot of necessary supplies so please pray for the Filipinos. 

District P-day

I love, love my new companion Sister Uba, we are having so much fun and working hard!  Honestly, exact obedience and hard work just showers miracles. Our mission set a goal last year for baptisms in the year of 2016 and we are a little behind that goal so we are doing all we can to get our progressing investigators ready for baptism. PSPM is the best mission and I know we can all do it!! 
Lunch after District Meeting
We had a miracle with Tatay Leonardo, a great investigator. His wife (well girlfriend) has been really closed off to the gospel but this past week she has started to come to church and she has agreed to be taught! They are also making plans for marriage so Tay can be baptized :) Also after a lot of prayers, a recent convert's husband has been also coming to church and finally agreed to be taught!! As we pray to be led to families God is truly answering our prayers!! 
Mahal na mahal ko kayo!! 

Sister Giles 

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