Sunday, February 26, 2017

It's almost March!

Hello po family and friends!! 

It was a busy week full of miracles like always!! Brother V gave a talk about the power of prayer and did a great job. It is so fun watching them progress and grow stronger as a family. Brother J also passed the sacrament!! I am so thankful for my 7 months here in Lipa because I have been able to see the Gospel truly convert and change the lives of so many recent converts. 

My dear friend Sister C who has broken my heart so many times is now SO committed to be baptized on March 25! She has a new job thanks to the members and is seeing so many blessings from her obedience. Every single day my testimony is strengthened that OBEDIENCE=MIRACLES!! I see it over and over in these peoples lives and the most in my own. I still don't know how I was so blessed to be sent to the Philippines and learn so many lessons from these humble people. 

Sweet Sisters in Santo Tomas on exchanges
We had exchanges on Tuesday and found 2 new families!!! Prayers answered! One of our investigators, Sister C, dropped us a while ago because her husband was working away from home and didn't want her listening to missionaries. We didn't give up on her though and occasionally would go by but she was never home. But on Tuesday the Spirit told me to try one last time and she and her husband were both home!! Brother K has been transferred to the office here in Lipa and we taught such a powerful lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They both are searching for a church that will bless their family and they both accepted baptismal goal dates!!! I KNOW the Lord leads His missionaries to prepared families if we have the faith to find them. I love my companion Sister Soriano and all the amazing sisters I get to work with here in Lipa Zone.

My companion, Sister Soriano
Elder Bednar visited the Philippines and we got to watch a broadcast where he answered questions with his wife. It was so great. Every single one of my questions and concerns was answered by the Spirit and one of God's chosen apostles. I know with everything I have that this church is fully restored and the heavens are again opened!! He talked a lot about "pleasing the Lord." Sometimes we ask ourselves if we are doing enough or if the Lord is happy with us. I know I've asked that many times haha and Elder Bednar taught that if we are improving every day and if we are holding fast to the iron rod (reading our scriptures :)) then He is happy!! Of course God is happy about our worldly success like straight A's or a good job but that's not what "pleases Him." Our obedience and determination to follow His will is what truly brings Him joy!! Our eternal salvation is what He is worried about! 

I love you all sooooooo much!! I have never had a more thankful heart for all of my many blessings. Especially my dear, dear family. Thank you for everything. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior and I LOVE doing this sacred work. Have a great week!

Sister Giles 

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