Monday, February 20, 2017

Binyagggg! :)

Hello po!

One of the best weekends of my life! The V family was baptized :))) It was a great service. Sister G came out of the water and said, "Malamig po!" (It's cold) haha then asked if she could bear her testimony in sign language because she is nervous to talk in front of people. The Relief Society sisters love her haha she is honestly so funny. Brother G is a commander in the Philippines Coast Guard and our Bishop is in the Air Force so they are already best friends and A (16 yr old)  is planning on attending the EFY kind of thing here in the Philippines! They are such a great addition to Lipa Ward 1. 

Huge miracle!! Sister Claire has been really on and off about her decision to be baptized the past couple months so we have been praying for her and kind of giving her a break but she came to church yesterday, had such a spiritual confirmation that she needed to be baptized and then started crying and asked if she could be baptized that same day! Haha she is the sweetest and we are so happy she has made a firm decision now. We are shooting for end of March. The power of prayer and fasting is so real. 
My last Mission Leadership Council with President and Sister Mangum (yes, I cried)

I gave a talk in church yesterday about reactivation and I shared how much I look up to my mom for being such a great visiting teacher. She is always willing to serve and reach out. I said she never gives up on the sisters she is assigned to. The ward was so motivated to be better visiting and home teachers and Sister Claire thanked me for following the example of my mom and never giving up on her :) So thank you, Dawn Giles. 

Another investigator, Brother Vernond is being married today then baptized soon!!! Woohoo for living the Law of Chastity! I know they will receive sooo many blessings and someday become a beautiful eternal family.

I love being a missionary! I know with my whole heart, mind and soul that we are children of God. He loves us so so much. We can show our love to Him through OBEDIENCE to His commandments. I know that when we serve others, we truly find ourselves. I know my Savior lives and His Atonement is real. I love you all!! Ingat po!

Sister Giles 
Spent the night with the sweet Sisters in Santo Tomas for exchanges

Our sweet island girl from Kiribati who is used to going barefoot and eating raw fish

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