Monday, March 6, 2017

Today is the DAY!

Hello po everybody!! 

Busy week with zone conf, interviews, and 2 exchanges! Sister Soriano and I are having so much fun and seeing lots of success. She loves to cook so I am definitely gaining weight hahaha but I am enjoying rice and Filipino food for as long as I can! She is so full of my kasama (companion). 

The Haroldsens!

Sister Howard!

Zone Leaders and STL's
We have some upcoming baptisms woohooo! Brother V will be baptized on the 18th and his family will be a completed family!! :) Please continue to pray for him. He is so awesome. He always quotes scriptures from the Bible and sometimes he asks us super hard questions then we try to answer them and then he starts laughing and says he already knows the answer he just likes to see us struggling hahaha. Exchanges were so much fun this week!! I love working with so many different cultures. They honestly teach me so much! I worked with Sister Helu from Tonga and Sister Batiou from Kirabati and we set out with faith to find and found close to 20 new investigators this week! They are power houses! I feel so thankful everyday for the amazing Filipinos and their willingness to listen to anything about Jesus Christ. 
With Sister Helu

With Sister Batiou
President Mangum talked about the talk "This Day" by President Eyring this week and I loved it so much. He said we need to stop saying someday and start to say TODAY!! When is the best time to plant a tree? Well, 20 years ago. But if we haven't planted any trees lets start today!! If we want to change or if we have goals and dreams, what are we waiting for? I have been so enlightened this week as I have prayed to know "What lack I yet?" and the Spirit helps me know things I can change this very day! 

Love you all sooooo much!! Even though the days are counting down, I still have a full tank of energy and love for this work. Thank you so much for your prayers. Have a great week!

Sister Giles 

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