Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Love-Inspired Correction

Magandang Hapon sa inyong lahat!! 

A great and busy week! 2 exchanges, lots of walking and finding and teaching and so many miracles!! You remember one of the sisters who kind of dropped us last week? We have been praying so hard for her and haven't given up. Then yesterday she came to church! We were able to teach her last night, resolve her concerns and sweet sister C is back on track for baptism! We are so thankful for the Spirit and the way we are able to be instrument in God's hands to share His love and get people on the right path back to Him!
Love my fellow missionaries!
Also the V family is still the best golden family ever. We were teaching them about temples this week and it's like they all had a light in their eyes and there was such a sweet spirit in the room as we testified of the reality of eternal families!! I am so thankful for my eternal family and the priesthood authority that has been restore to the earth. The V family has a great desire to be an eternal family :) 

With the V family's puppy!
2 verses I liked this week: Doctrine and Covenants 136:31-32. I love how the Lord chastises us because He loves us! I am so thankful for love-inspired correction and the way it can help us reach our potentials. And I know that if we have sincere prayers and talk with the Lord, our eyes will be opened and our hearts will receive the correction Heavenly Father is trying to give us so we can progress. Learn to love correction!! 
Sister Uba studying hard for her English test everyday! And one of my "tests" for her!

So last Monday morning Sister Uba and I went to our friendly corner tindihan (little store) and bought some laundry soap and I asked the lady, "Magkano po yung sabaw?" Which means how much is the soup. I meant to say "sabon" which means soap. Haha anyway everybody thought it was the funniest thing and now every time we see her she yells "sabaw!!" and starts laughing hahaha I'm kind of the white girl comedy show for a lot of these Filipinos. They really are the best. And obviously I still need to perfect my Tagalog...haha. Love you all!!! Have a great week!! 

Sister Giles 
Mmmm, Tilapia, my favorite food now!

Sister Moore is quite an artist!

Sister Batiou! New sister in Lipa zone from Kirabati. I love spending time with all these different cultures!

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