Monday, January 2, 2017

Bagong Taon!! Happy 2017!

Wow, best Christmas ever!! I still have a smile on my face from talking to my fam yesterday. When did Jack become a teenager? And why can Edie talk and walk? I am so thankful for my dear, crazy family! Mahal na mahal ko kayo!! I am so excited to have my parents here in 3 short months! 

Well, not much to say this week. The typhoon was pretty crazy earlier. We had no power at our house and scary winds, I saw a couple trees fall over. We are at the mall because there is a generator here so we get to email but please pray for the people. Whenever storms like this happen i just think of all the humble people in Pakil. It is the way of life here so they are used to it, but please pray for them! 

I am not transferred! Yay!! Another 6 weeks here in Lipa with Sister Uba. Prayers answered. We have a baptism coming up for Sister A this next week!! We also have a great new investigator, Sister C. She is the best. She is a super mom of 3 kids and her husband works on an island close by. She is always keeping commitments, asking great questions...we love teaching her! We were teaching her about the Book of Mormon and how it can truly answer any of the questions of our souls and give us comfort and direction. She opened up to us about her struggles as a mom and her desire to do her best and we read Mosiah 4: 14-15 and shared with her that if she and her family will put Jesus Christ and His teachings at the center of their life, they will be happy and everything will work out. The Spirit was so strong as we connected the power of the Book of Mormon into her life! I know the Book of Mormon is true. If you have questions or need comfort- open the Book!! 

Have I mentioned how much I love these Filipinos? They are so faithful and spiritually receptive. They love their Savior and they are so humble and giving. I continue to learn so much from my dear Filipino friends!! I wish you all the best this year 2017!!! Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Giles 

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