Monday, January 23, 2017

Colorful Chicks!

Helloooo everybody!! 

Well it seems like every week just gets better than the last. Not a lot of time so I'll just tell you a little bit about some of our amazing friends and some miracles we are seeing!

H has been an investigator for yearsss but when I got here to Lipa we stopped teaching her because she wasn't ready.  Long story short, we have started teaching her again and wow- she has been through a huge change. She is so prepared and is already looking forward to the day her family can finally be sealed in the temple! We are also teaching some of her children. At the right time, we know her husband too will join the church.

R is our Alma the Younger investigator, haha! Such a mighty change of heart is happening to him. He has been through a lot and has past regrets and we are truly seeing the Atonement of Jesus Christ heal him and change him. Yesterday he attended all 3 hours of church then stayed for the 1 o'clock Ward Sacrament Meeting! He loves learning and feeling the Spirit. He finally shaved his beard and he promised he will cut his long hair soon :)
Little kids love playing with chickens here. There was a festival and some brought colored chicks!

V family is still progressing well but little 6 yr old A has been in the hospital for a couple days :( Please pray for them! But we were able to visit them and say a family prayer and when we got there Sister G was reading the Book of Mormon. They are still confident in their decision to be baptized because they recognize the blessings the Lord is giving them despite some challenges.
My companion is expired! She goes home in two weeks. I will love her forever!
And about 10000 more stories!!  I love being a missionary. I love Lipa!! This ward feels like my second family and these people we are teaching feel like my best friends! My companion told me I sleep talk some times and last night I was teaching a lesson about temples in Tagalog hahaha weird. I love teaching the gospel even in my dreams!! I love you all so so soooo much!! I know the true church of Jesus Christ has been restored. I know that God lives and He loves us. We are all brother and sisters so let's treat each other that way!! Continue to love and lift everybody around you and I know you will feel true joy and happiness. xoxoxox

Sister Giles 
The Mayor's daughter has billboards, what do you think dad?

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