Monday, August 8, 2016

Pagpapabinyag at Pagtanggap na Espiritu Santo!

Helloooo friends and family! 

What a great week! Sister Ch is BAPTIZED!! Woohoo! We are so happy for her :) She was so excited and doing little dances and went to the church like an hour early haha. She just makes everybody smile and she has the strongest faith ever! After she received the Holy Ghost on Sunday she sat down down and told me she had chills all over her body and the best feeling inside :) and then she goes, "Sister I'm a member now, I can pay tithing!" And that's what she did. After Sacrament Meeting she paid her tithing! Then in our Sunday School class she was participating and stood up and recited the whole Word of Wisdom haha :) We just love sweet Sister Ch! 

THIS is why I'm here. I have loved watching Sister Ch becoming truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has so many trials in her life. More than I can even understand. But she totally trusts in her Heavenly Father. She knows He will bless her if she is obedient to Him. And she is so, so right. Brother C is being interviewed tomorrow and hopefully his baptism will be Saturday...please pray for him!! He shared a small desire to serve a mission :) (woohooo!) We have some other great investigators and now we have to get them progressing and really working towards baptism. Find, find, find and teach, teach, teach!! 

I love the Philippines and I love being a missionary so, so much. Time is moving too fast...I am so sad my time with Sister Collins is coming to and end. I love training her!! Everybody have a great week and remember to share the gospel! 

Sister Giles 

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