Monday, August 22, 2016

Goodbye Lucena :( but Hello Lipa :)

Helloooo po mga kaibigan at pamilya! It has been a great week here in Lucena. Sadly it's my last week in this area :( On Thursday I'm being transferred to Lipa Zone and serving as a Sister Training Leader. I am really excited!! But it's going to be sad saying bye to this great area and my amazing companion, Sister Collins. I know there are more miracles and happiness ahead :) 

My roommates and a super funny kid in the ward
So, exciting news about Brother K (baptized recently)! He passed the Sacrament on Sunday and has a calling as Young Men's Counselor. Woohoo only 1 year away from serving a mission! We taught his friends on Saturday and they were all so interested! We have faith they will continue to be taught and progress towards baptism. 
Brother K passed the sacrament and has a calling! He is seriously so smart and will be a great missionary and leader!
Also we found 2 super sweet families this week from some good ol' tracting. I love these Filipinos and how they just let us into their homes and want to talk about religion and Jesus Christ. I love testifying about our Savior each and every day. Teaching about His Atonement and the Restoration of His Gospel has given me a rock solid testimony that He is our Savior and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. 
Nanay L who is like my Grandma
Funny L who loves the missionaries
I was reading in Ether the other day in the Book of Mormon and I want to share what I learned in chapter 6. This is when the Brother of Jared and his people are traveling to the promised land in the barges and there are lots of strong winds and storms. I love this chapter because it relates so well to life!! While we are on this journey to our "promised lands" we will face lots of trials and storms in this life. But those trials are exactly what push us to our promised lands and eternal potential! We need trials. We should be thankful for trials. They push us and lead us to where God wants us to be. I love v. 7 because it teaches that because the Brother of Jared was obedient when he built the barges, the people were safe. OBEDIENCE= SAFETY. And in v. 9-10 because the Brother of Jared had faith, they had bright light in the barges. FAITH= SPIRITUAL LIGHT. And in v. 12 when they make it to the promised land, they were so humble and thankful. And they were blessed!! HUMILITY AND THANKFULNESS= MORE BLESSINGS AND HAPPINESS. I love the Book of Mormon and the lessons we can learn each day. I loveee being a missionary and I love all of you!! Ingat kayo!

Sister Giles 
Senior couples who we love!

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