Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy August!!!

Magandang Hapon so inyong lahat! Agosto na! 

Time is flying. It's been a beautiful week on the island of the Philippines! Lots of rain and sun and wind and more sun, I love it. Yesterday we did some personal scripture study outside and I just looked at the blue sky and mango trees swaying in the wind and I had a "I never want to leave" moment. I have a lot of those lately. I loveeee the Philippines! Especially the little kids running on the streets...they have my heart. 

We have some exciting news...C is getting baptized on Saturday!! Woohoo! President Mangum had to interview her because of her marriage situation and so I got to be the translator, it was really fun. Sister C is like a little energizer bunny. Her desire to be baptized is HUGE! President would ask a question and she would say yes, yes! with a huge smile. Then she would look at me and say "ano daw?" or like "what did he say?" hahaha President loved her energy. She said from the moment we talked to her she has felt a new bright light in her life and she is just always happy. Even in her hard times (and she has a lot), she is just at peace now that she knows the gospel. She has been changed through the Atonement and I feel so blessed to have been a witness! That is my favorite thing about being a missionary- watching the Atonement of Jesus Christ work in a person's life. 
Sister C's baptism interview. The Mangum's son and his family were visiting. His wife is a friend of my sister Amy's and he served his mission in Mesa. Small world!
I love my companion, crazy Sister Collins. She is so strong and so fun! I love Lucena and these amazing people. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know His gospel can heal people and change lives. I love this work! I love it so much! Always remember that God's plan is a plan of happiness. His commandments are there to keep us safe and happy. His will is alwayssss better than our will. Jesus Christ is our perfect example! And this is His church! I love you all so much! Have a great week! :)

Sister Giles 

I am finally learning to cook Filipino food!

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