Monday, May 30, 2016

Pagbabago ay Mabuti!

Hellooo family and friends! 

What a great week. Yesterday I had to send my dear kasama, Sister Aquino home. Some tears were shed but I know she will be a great RM. 
My beautiful companion Sister Aquino

Saying Goodbye
On Thursday I'll be transferred to Lucena and I'll be training a new missionary. Woohoo! President called me on Monday and called me to train so I assumed I would be staying here in Tayabas because I've only been here one cycle. But then on Thursday during the "Train the Trainers" meeting, President Mangum was talking about preparing our areas for the new missionaries and he looked at me and said "Oh, this doesn't apply to Sister Giles because she'll be reopening an area." Sooo yeah I was shocked and sad because I love Tayabas, but all is well, I know Lucena is where the Lord needs me! And I'm so excited to train! It will be a great, growing experience. I promise to give my very best to my trainee! 
Playing the flour game for Family Home Evening with one of our favorite families.

Our "family" picture
I read a quote by Elder Christofferson this week that I loved. It says, "Real repentance, real change, may require repeated attempts, but there is something refining and holy is such striving. Repentance means not only abandoning sin, but also committing to obedience." I know that sometimes we can get really down on ourselves when we feel like we aren't changing or like we just keep going back to the same bad habits. But never give up on yourselves!! I have learned on my missionary how REAL the Atonement is. It can truly CLEANSE us and STRENGTHEN us to keep striving to be better! There is something refining and holy in striving. My favorite part of missionary work is seeing investigators and members lives changed because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have seen natures truly changed because of the power of the Atonement, especially my own! 
Riding a four seater tryke together
Missionary life is still the best life here in the Philippines. Keep striving mga kapatid! Remember Jesus Christ is always, always there, How grateful I am to be his representative!! Love you all!

I will be sad to leave a Tayabas "dollhouse" apartment!
Sister Giles 

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