Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy May!!!

Hello family and friends! 

Happy Mother's Day Week!! Shoutout to my amazing mom for being the best example, supporter and friend. Also to my sweet Grandma and sisters!! I love you and admire the way you fulfill your divine motherly duties every day! And see you next week on skypeee!! Yay! 

Sister Aquino and I's favorite spot

Some of the funniest kids hang out here with us!

Wow- what a GREAT week! I can honestly say I am the happiest Sister Giles I have ever been. I love being a missionary with my amazing companion, Sister Aquino. We are PAGOD (tired) but sobrang masaya (happy). She meant it when she said she wanted to finish her mission strong so we are walking and talking and teaching and finding and laughing and singing a lot! No, life is not perfect and missionary work is still hard but it is also the BEST THING EVER! 

One of our new investigators J is the sweetest guy in his 30's who is really looking for the truth. He is so cool and the second I saw him I could just notice a bright light about him. He has the sweetest spirit and we have had some really powerful lessons with him. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and I was teaching about life on earth and how Heavenly Father has laid out the plan of the gospel for us to follow here on earth. He just stopped me and said "I get it sisters. These things like faith, repentance and baptism is God's plan. This is the way to him!" And we could just see the Holy Ghost working on him and teaching him and it was amazing!! We are so excited to keep teaching him. 
At Stake Conference with some Young Adults from our ward.

Sister Velasquez and I switched clothes!

In my personal study the past couple weeks I have been reading the Book of Mormon with a focus on the condition of our hearts and I have learned so much! Whenever I read a phrase like "harden not your hearts" I mark a little pink heart next to it. I'm only on Jacob but my scriptures already have so many little hearts and I have learned that a hard heart is really the start of every sin and unhappy time. A soft heart is the key to receiving personal revelation and feeling the spirit! I have been trying to start my studies every morning with more humility and a softer heart and I have really noticed a difference. I feel the Spirit teaching and correcting me every day. I encourage all of you to soften your hearts before church meetings and scripture study so you can be more prepared and receptive to the Spirit. 

Zone P-Day at the beach! It was so fun playing games, but wow do I miss swimming!

I love you all so much and hope everybody has a great Mother's Day!! Love you mommmm!

Sister Giles 
Happy Birthday Sister Hawes!

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