Monday, April 11, 2016

Binyag ni R!!

Hello family and friends! 

Wow, what a great week! First- R got baptized! Yay!! I experienced just pure joy watching him come out of the water and hearing him bear his simple, pure testimony. This is why I'm here!! Moments like R's baptism make all the hard times, rejection, sweating, bug bites, EVERYTHING so worth it! I still remember when Sister Cornaby and I saw his teaching record from a few years ago in the area book and had a feeling we should go find him. We were asking around if anybody knew him and we asked a man and it was R himself hahaha! Then after lots of lessons, prayers, challenges and laughs- he made it!! Yesterday at church after he was confirmed, I just saw this new, bright light about him. One of the best days of my life. His girlfriend came to his baptism and agreed to let us teach her next week. Yay! I have a secret life plan for them that includes missions and temple marriage :) 

I am so excited to watch conference this weekend!! I read some good teasers from my family. How blessed are we to have a prophet and apostles who receive revelation from a loving Heavenly Father for us right now? I know we have a living prophet. I love testifying of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ almost every, single day. I know Joseph Smith restored the true church of Jesus Christ. I know we have a prophet, Thomas S. Monson, today who leads and guides the same church established by Jesus Christ. Everybody watch and re-watch and read and re-read the talks from General Conference!

I love you all so much and hope everybody is having a happy, happy April. It's a great month. A great month to share the gospel and baptize more people!! 

Love, Sister Giles 
This huge spider with tonnns of babies in our apartment. It was funny trying to catch it, Sister Raneses loves spiders and kept it as a pet!

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