Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello friends and family!! 

I hope everybody had a great Easter remembering Tagapagligtas natin (the Savior). Alam ko na nabubuhay si Jesucristo! Ang Pagbabayad-sala and pagkabuhay na mag-uli ay totoo. (I know that Jesus Christ lives! The Atonement and Resurrection are true.) 
With Elder Richards a fellow Arizonan and friend from the MTC
It was such a great experience to be here in Pakil this Easter. There were sooo many parades and bands and floats and people! I am lucky my companion is really knowledgeable about the Catholic religion because she answered a lot of my questions about their Holy Week. Really cool to be around a totally different culture and belief. I am also feeling extra thankful to have a knowledge about the fully restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so much peace and happiness because I know Jesus Christ died for our sins and sorrows and that He loves us and has outstretched hands to all of us! We just need to come unto Him and be healed.

View from our apartment window of one of the many parades 

The Holy Week is celebrated all week long

These men are carrying whips with fake blood and masked like the men who whipped Jesus
We had district conference this weekend and then interviews with President Mangum today so it has been a great couple of days. In conference, President Mangum quoted a talk by President Uchtdorf and taught that our Heavenly Father is constantly pouring down blessings on all of His children. But the reason we don't receive all of our blessings is because we put up "umbrellas" of fear, doubt or sin. Our Heavenly Father loves us sooo much. He wants us to receive all of our blessings!! So I encourage all of you to close your umbrellas! Stand in the rain and let God pour down blessings! 

He talked specifically about not keeping the commandments of keeping the Sabbath day holy and the law of tithing. In the Siniloan District there are 2858 members but only 488 attend church regularly. And only 4% pay a full tithe. It makes me soooo sad because I know that there are members here who are not receiving blessings because they have umbrellas up. I am feeling more motivated to help the members put down their umbrellas. And I am throwing away all of mine! I want to stand in the pouring rain and I want the members of Pakil to stand with me!  My challenge to all of you is to get rid of your umbrellas. Let Heavenly Father bless you! Trust Him! 

I love you all so so much. Have a happy week!

Sister Giles 

Laundry Day!
Blue Pepsi-sooo good!

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