Monday, April 11, 2016

Mainit pero masaya!!

Hello friends and family! 

Things are good here in the 'ppines! First, shoutout to my cousin Tanner for being called to the San Pablo Philippines mission!! I am so so excited for him to join me here in the PSPM, best mission in the world :) 

Unfortunately, I was only able to watch Saturday morning session of General Conference because I got sick with some kind of stomach virus. But wow- Saturday morning was great!! I'll eventually get caught up and watch or read all the talks. And no worries, I feel better now. But I wish to never throw up in a dirty bathroom, in the summer, in the Philippines again haha.

I loved Elder Hallstrom's talk. He asked us if we really know that we are children of God in our hearts, minds and souls. "I am a child of God" is a phrase we sing and say so often but do we realize what an important phrase it is? We literally have a loving, all-powerful Father in Heaven who knows us and loves us so individually. That is the first principle we teach as missionaries and it is my absolute favorite to teach. Maybe partly because I have the Tagalog down really good and can teach it easily haha but mostly because it is such a beautiful, simple doctrine! Elder Hallstrom also quoted Elder Holland and said, "You can have what you want, or you can have something better." God has something better for us! He has a great plan for all of His children. For example, the first couple weeks of my mission what I wanted was to pack my things and get on the first plane home. But since I knew that wasn't God's plan for me, I stayed and now I see that it is SO much better than what I first wanted. I know with an absolute knowledge that God gives us trials and disappointments to bless us and help us grow. 
Little C, I love her. She is like my niece here.
I love you all so so much and wish everybody a happy week!! Thank you for your support and love. Oh and shoutout to R who is still doing awesome. He got a white shirt and tie from a member and attended conference in his new Sunday best :) 

Sister Giles
Fresh watermelon during a big Turumba festival in Pakil. Masarap!

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