Monday, June 13, 2016

Walang Hanggang Pamilya! (Forever Families)

Hello everybody!! 

Happy Father's Day! Shoutout to the best dad in the whole wide world!!! Everybody who knows my dad knows he is the best. I read a great article in the June Liahona this week by Pres Uchtdorf and he said, "Fathers mentor their precious children and show by their good example the way an honest life is lived. Fathers do not leave their children alone but rush to their aid, helping them to their feet whenever they stumble." I thought that describes John Giles perfectly. I love you dad!! And this Father's Day I'm also thankful for the knowledge I have that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and knows me perfectly. 
Lipstick and powder on our faces after playing a game

It was an amazing week!! The work here in Lucena is on fire! We were a little down when we first reopened because we had no investigators and nobody to visit but with the help of our amazing ward and hard work this week, we have so many AMAZING investigators and less actives. I wish I had time to tell you about all of them. 
The daughters of the C family
We found a great family this week, the C's, who have already become like my second family. In a lesson with them this week the Sister was explaining to us that she doesn't think religion helps their family because they have been to every church and nothing has helped them. I just testified of how the church is true and the gospel blesses families and she said, "you have a different spirit and your church is the one church we haven't visited, maybe this is God's plan for us." Ahh yay! As I was testifying to her that families can become eternal through God's plan, I just felt the biggest love for my eternal family. I am thankful to have them cheering me on in Arizona and praying for me and these sweet Filipinos. The homesickness I used to feel at the beginning of my mission has just turned to home thankfulness! 
Riding these fun things on the railroad tracks! I'm coming back here to do this!
I LOVE this gospel. And I LOVE that I have this special time to share the beautiful message that families CAN be FOREVER! I hope you all have a great week!! Love you all so much!

Sister Giles 
Sister Collins bought a new Polaroid camera, fun!

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