Monday, February 15, 2016

Filipina Updates

Kumusta kayo?! I hope everybody had a happy valentines! This week was great. 

First, the investigator who loved the gospel but her boyfriend said he wouldn't marry her if she joined, came to church yesterday!! Valentine's Day miracle! We have been praying that her boyfriend's heart would be softened and she would be able to have the faith that she needs to keep investigating the church and she is! I will keep you all updated, but please pray for this sister and her family. She is so special to us. 

Also a few months ago we surprised a man when we asked him if he knew someone named R and it was R himself. He is now getting baptized on the 27th and he is so ready. He is facing some challenges right now as his baptism gets closer, so please pray for him also that he will be able to stay strong and keep pressing forward with faith! 

We also had some of our less active families come to church yesterday so I had a happy, happy valentines. Lots of miracles and growth happening in Pakil and I am so happy to be here. 

We also had the chance to watch the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast this week and WOW it was great! I learned so much. I loved how the leaders of the church taught that as missionaries, we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We should be constantly teaching about Jesus Christ and His doctrine. I am blessed to be in the Philippines where people here love Jesus Christ and talking about Him. I LOVE wearing the name of Jesus Christ on my chest and teaching His Gospel. I know this is His church. I love you all so so much and hope you have a great week!! Read the Book of Mormon and remember our Savior! He loves you and wants you to come closer to Him. 

Sister Giles 

Treating ourselves to a nice lunch!

In Santa Cruz on exchanges at a well where everyone gets their water.

Salon Selfie

With one of my best friends, Sister Guanica

My companion getting her hair done.
The hairdresser asked if he could give me makeover so I looked like Miss Universe, ha, ha!

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