Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 14! I'm an official Philippines Missionary!

It was a great week!! I am so, so happy. So this week......I tried balot! (Developing duck embryo boiled and eaten in the shell)  Over 2 days I ate chicken intestines, chicken blood on a stick, and balot-twice. Don't worry mom, I feel really healthy still haha. 

We saw our friends Gary and Amhy on the side of the road buying food so we went to talk to them and they handed me chicken intestines on a stick and a stick of cooked solid blood. They weren't that bad actually! The blood just freaked me out and it was so hard to take the first bite. Then the next day we had an appointment with them and they had balot!! I was so nervous. I think they just love to see me try weird Filipino foods. I love Gary and Amhy so much. But back to the balot, it really wasn't that bad! The bird was freaky but I just didn't think about it when I was eating it. 

Fried chicken intestine on a stick and chicken blood on a stick!

Balot with Greg and Ahmy 

THEN, when we got home, the Filipino sisters we live with were so excited because they had  bought Sis Cornaby and me balot! Hahaha like what?! Of course it would happen the same night. Soooo I ate it again, but only part of it because the bird was a legit bird with like feathers and a beak so it wasn't safe to eat. But I survived! 

I love Pakil so, so much! It is still the most beautiful place in the world with the best people ever. This week was hard because none of our investigators are progressing and there are still so many less actives. It's easy to get discouraged and feel unsuccessful but I know it's so important to stay positive and trust in God's timing. 

I love being a missionary. Yeah, there are disappointments and hard times but there are also so many miracles! I see the hand of God multiple times every day and I'm so thankful for that. I love you all so much! Thank you for the support and prayers. Merry Pasko!! 

Sister Giles 

Address for Christmas Cards/letters (approx. $2.00 postage): 
Sister Abby Giles
Philippines San Pablo Mission
KM 73 National Highway, Brgy. San Juan
Alaminos, Laguna 4001

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