Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving, Week 13!

Wow, another week down! Time is really going by fast. I'm half way through my training! It's amazing how much I've adjusted and how much I've learned these 6 weeks. I still have a longggg way to go. But I am so happy to be here!! I lay in bed at night and think "wow, is this really my life?" I am honestly so happy! 

Thanksgiving was fun here! We worked really hard all day and I tried not to think about home so I really wasn't homesick. We made a little Thanksgiving dinner and it was actually really good! No turkey or pie, but still masarap (delicious). It was fun to share an American holiday with the Filipino sisters! They loved it and made a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving sign for us.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

We got to go to San Pablo for my training check up, it was great! We went to SM, this big mall and it was amazing! It felt like I was in America! There was Christmas music playing and it was so clean and big. And we ate at McDonalds! I will never again speak a bad word about that place. It was so good and such a comfort. 

At our training checkup in San Pablo
SM Mall in San Pablo
We are teaching a lot! Unfortunately, nobody is coming to church. But I have faith they will!! So please pray that the people of Pakil will have a desire to come to church. They are all very active Catholics so none of them want to change religions. They are so willing to listen and are so nice though! 

Beautiful Catholic Church in Pakil
We found this amazing sister this week. She shared with us how she has been praying her whole life but has never received answers from God. She has been really struggling and felt like God had forgotten her. I felt the gift of tongues so strongly in that lesson. I was able to understand her and I even taught her about the Holy Ghost and how to pray! I know God was helping me so that I could help her. It was a really sweet experience. Her eyes lit up and she was so willing to listen. I love being a missionary. I love meeting these amazing people and sharing the gospel with them! 

I love you all so much! Merry Christmas!! I hope you all have a great week! Remember that God is there and he hears and answers your prayers. Pray all the time about anything! I am so thankful for the power of prayer and the strength I feel each time I get on my knees to talk to my Heavenly Father.

Lots of love, 
Sister Giles 

With our friends Ahmy and Greg

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