Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 5!

Another great week! I can't believe I leave so soon. I am so excited and a little bit nervous. We got our flight plans on Friday! We leave October 15th and fly to LA to Hong Kong to Manila. And we have to leave the MTC at 3:35 in the morning! Haha at least I will be traveling with all the missionaries. I think it will be really fun! 

My Companion Sister Owen and our teacher Brother Broadhead

My MTC District and our teacher Sister Marcucci
General Conference came at a perfect time for me! A couple of things that stood out to me: Sister Neill F. Marriot and her question, what is your heart condition today? I know that we CHOOSE how we react to challenges and trials. I know that I need to pray araw araw for a soft heart and more charity for those around me. I learned so much from her talk but that was one thing that the Spirit taught me. I also loved when Larry R. Lawrence said that the journey of discipleship is a course of steady improvement. I know it's easy to become overwhelmed with how far we still have to go. I know that I am always worried about living up to my full potential and improving myself. Pero, alam ko po na that as long as we are steadily improving, God is happy and so proud of us. There was sooo much more that I loved, but I encourage all of you to watch EVERY session of General Conference. And literally watch it, try not to sleep like I have the past 19 years haha. 

After conference with Elder Adcox from my home ward
This week Sister Owen and I got to Skype a REAL FILIPINO IN THE PHILIPPINES!! It was honestly so cool.  I can't wait to be in the Philippines and teach and learn from these sweet, humble people. She is honestly a rockstar. She and her family do prayer and scripture study together araw araw and she and her husband try to go to the temple twice a year even though it's far and expensive. The wall behind her in her house had a picture of the Savior, A Proclamation to the Family, and a picture of the First Presidency, AND she and her sister were going to wake up at 4 am to watch General Conference live, the list goes on. When we were first talking to her I was like ummm what the heck am I supposed to teach her?! She's perfect, can she just teach us? But as Sister Owen and I listened to the Spirit, we shared a simple message on the importance of families and that God was proud of her and that she is a child of God. She got teary eyed and bore her testimony to us, it was amazing! Then her little boy came and jumped on her lap and I thought my heart was going to burst. I already love the Filipinos so much!! 

Sisters in our Branch
We had to say bye to a ton of missionaries in our branch this week and it was really, really sad. Our roommates all left so now it's just me and Sister Owen in the room. It's kind of lonely but I am so excited for all of them and I'm thankful for the time we were able to spend together! Sister Owen and I were called as Sister Training Leaders. I love the sisters in our branch and bonus, we also got a little cell phone for emergencies so that was cool. Oh and speaking of phones, on Tuesday Brother Christopherson, a counselor in the branch, was doing a demonstration and he had me stand up and gave me his phone and told me to start playing Angry Birds haha. Everybody was so jealous I got to touch a phone!! But I've definitely lost my Angry Bird skills. 

With our roommates

Our Roommates Sister Allen, Sister Wittwer, Sister Stokes and Sister K before they left
Oh I also got to host some new missionaries this week!! It was a lot of fun. I basically was at the curb when the missionaries say bye to their families (so sad) and then I took their luggage and showed them around. It was fun to realize I now know where everything is haha. But I know that will change really fast when I get off the plane in the Philippines! 

Elder Igleskie from Gilbert, Arizona and Elder Frie from Utah

Thank you so much to everybody for your emails and support!! 

Much Love, 
Sister Giles 

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