Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week 3

Things I do a lot here at the MTC: laugh, cry and pray. But this week, the only times I cried were from laughing so hard! There were no tears of discouragement or stress. So definitely an improvement from last week. I feel your prayers so thank you so much!

My Tagalog is improving like crazy! I learned a great lesson this week. Whenever I have feelings of stress or fear, those feelings are never from the Spirit. Whenever I am turned out, being optimistic and not fearing I am so much happier! The Holy Ghost is not one of fear or selfishness. If I want the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost I have to make my mind and heart a place where it can be. So now whenever I am discouraged I replace that thought with something like "I can do hard things!" and I feel comfort and peace. D&C 68:3-6.

Mom, you will be proud of me for this next thing. So, my district has been really sick all week. Luckily me and my kasama feel good but the Elders are super sick. And of course none of them were taking any medicine or doing anything to get themselves better! So I brought emergen-C and zicam and essential oils and other stuff and forced them to take medicine. And they are all feeling so much better!! 2 of the elders had really bad coughs so they put a drop of the Breathe essential oil on their necks and apparently they were healed haha so I guess they work!! I feel kind of bad for making fun of those oils now. I guess I'm a DoTerra believer. Their moms are probably thanking me. I'm convinced every district needs sister missionaries because 18 year old boys have no idea how to take care of themselves.   
My MTC District

Sister Wixom, the General Primary President came and spoke to the MTC on Tuesday and it was amazing!! She is so awesome. I love how involved she is in the church. She is such a great voice for women! So, I'm in the MTC choir. Haha I know you're probably all shocked. Yes, I sing really quiet or just mouth the words but I love it! Our branch is required to be in it but I am so happy about it! The spirit when we sing is so strong. I have chills the whole time. 

Sister Owen and I have the best kasamahan ever!! I love her more everyday. And my district is the best. We laugh so much, I'm definitely going to be friends with these people forever!! They all lift me up when I'm sad or answer my crazy questions about the scriptures. It's so cool how deep of a friendship we have after 2 1/2 weeks. The other day a couple of us were having a deep conversation about pre-earth life and one of the elders said he loves how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple enough for a child to understand but complex enough for an educated person to never fully comprehend the magnitude of it. I love that! I think it's a quote from somewhere but it's so true. I love studying the scriptures. I have so much to learn, it makes me so excited!! 

Alam ko po na totoo ang Aklat ni Mormon. Alam ko po na sinasagot po ng plano ng Diyos ang mga tanong. Mahal Kita!!!

Thank you so much for the dear elders and emails!! I LOVE hearing from everybody. Keep me updated!!! Here's a pic of the Toros at the MTC and a selfie with Elder Limb and Elder Tupua from our temple walk on Sunday! I'm ready for another week!!

I love you all, 
Sister Giles 

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